Hello, Blogosphere!

I had been postponing (okay, more like procrastinating) my very first blog post for such a long time now (by such a long time, I mean I signed up for this blog on September 24 and oh my goodness it’s October 19 and I haven’t published anything yet) because frankly, I had no idea what to post and my obsessive-compulsive tendencies were getting the best of me. I was at such a loss regarding whether I should take photos of all the makeup that I have and post them to the makeup inventory page of this blog before actually starting to publish blog entries, or if I should just post an entry right away and add the photos of the makeup + swatches along the way.

…obviously I chose the latter, though, because considering my slacker nature along with my extremely minuscule attention span, I probably would lose interest in blogging and in makeup before I end up finishing the photos of my makeup inventory (just kidding, I think).

Anyway, here’s the basic blueprint of this blog, at least as of the moment:


Personal: Self-realization posts, random and/or lengthy PMS-inspired posts, posts like the first two paragraphs of this post (basically a rant post about how cluttered my mind is and how I can never seem to follow the timetables I set for myself), and probably everything else that don’t fit into all the other categories.

Blog Announcements: Any posts I make about blog updates, such as new features or sections that will be on the site (posts like the “categories” section of this post), hiatus announcements, and “life events” concerning blog development.

Erika’s Looks: My looks, duh. Haha! Just a little stream of thought—writing about myself from the third person point-of-view feels so weird, I swear! Took me such a long time do work on my “About Me” page because I kept laughing at myself. How do you bloggers do it!?

#FOTD: “Face of the Day” or “Makeup of the Day” posts. This doesn’t mean I would be posting makeup looks everyday, unfortunately, because I am too lazy and busy for that LOL. I will be posting looks from long before this blog was conjured in my head, though!

#OOTD: The ever-ubiquitous “Outfit of the Day” posts. Again, although I will be posting OOTDs from long ago, I will not be posting OOTDs everyday for the same reason as stated above, and because… I’m not exactly a fashionista. I just love dressing up sometimes, but I love dressing my face up more.

Reviews: Reviews of all sorts of things, places, experiences. Anything I feel like blogging and reviewing. This will focus mostly on makeup, of course.

Beauty Products and Services: This would contain all my reviews for beauty products (everything you apply to your whole body, excluding hair and makeup products) and services (such as spas, nail salons, and the like).

Hair Products and Services: Similar to the previous category, except this one would focus on hair products and salons.

Makeup: Ah, my favorite. Reviews on the cosmetic products I own—primers, foundations, powders, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, blush-ons, lip pencils, and of course, lipsticks—along with swatches and related FOTDs, if available. Most of the products featured here will be from my favorite brands: MAC, NARS, Benefit, Tarte, and Urban Decay. Expect this category to continuously change in organization (as in sub-categories and etc.) because I’m OC like that. 😀

Erika’s Vanity Desk: Here lies the most essential part of my blog (it was initially the sole purpose of it but my circuits went haywire while I was working on the blog outline; hence, the numerous additions that led to further postponing my blog publication) containing my makeup inventory, wish list, and the most part of my life savings LOL JUST KIDDING.

Makeup Inventory: Lists of every article of makeup I own. You can access existing reviews, swatches, and FOTDs from here, too (as soon as I fix everything up, that is).

Makeup Wish List: Yes, because similar to clothes, no matter how much you have, you never seem to have enough. 😉

I don’t have posts for every category yet, but I’m hoping to update each of them ASAP—I’m just pondering about which advanced point-and-shoot camera I’m going to invest in, because my iPhone 5’s camera and my Sony CyberShot W Series digicam simply do not cut it anymore! I need a camera that takes amazing macro shots. 😦

I guess this pretty much sums up my very first blog post! Welcome to Erika’s Secret Closet. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hello, Blogosphere!

    • I think it’s more of a curse than a blessing. It keeps me from being productive a lot. 😀 Thanks, looking forward to having you here often too! I’ll check out your blog as well. 🙂

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