New Camera: Canon PowerShot SX50 HS

If you had read my first blog post, you might recall me writing about wanting a bridge (advanced point-and-shoot) camera for the macro shots I’m planning to take for this blog (because how am I supposed to capture makeup swatches in crisp detail without a good camera, right?).

…well, I finally came to a decision after a few days of researching camera tech specs and I got it two days ago. Everyone, meet my newest baby, the Canon SX50 HS! 😀

Quite a beauty, isn’t it? It’s apparently the first camera ever that comes with 50x lens, and for an advanced point-and-shoot, it’s highly impressive since it tops a number of entry level DSLRs! Yay!

Sorry for the crappy photos, BTW! I took these with just my iPhone 5’s camera under not-so-decent lighting and edited them with just VSCO Camera and Snapseed. I really need to stop being such a lazy-ass and start brushing up on my Photoshop skills again, then maybe learn Illustrator and/or Lightroom… but I’m probably going to prioritize familiarizing myself with my camera and practicing taking photos, though, because I really CANNOT get over how much the photos in this post suck. 🙄

Now, you might be wondering why I didn’t just get a DSLR because the price of this camera is really close to some DSLRs, as some of my photographer friends I had asked advice from have wondered. I have a number of reasons for that, actually: first, I’m not exactly a photography enthusiast—I know a bit about it and I can take decent photos, sure, but I don’t do it solely out of interest (in photography); second, if I get a DSLR, I’m going to want to get a higher-end model the same way I opted for one of the best bridge cameras (as of today), and that would be a waste of money because I’m not really entering photography; and third, I have a tendency to get addicted with collecting things (e.g. my huge lipstick collection), and I have a feeling I’d end up collecting lens kits the moment I purchase my first non-stock lens kit, and boy that potential “collection” is extremely expensive so no thank you! 😆

Anyway, I should really begin publishing posts that are actually related to make-up and cosmetics now… especially since I already got my camera, ha-ha! Hopefully by the end of this week, everything on the site will be up and running already. Please keep checking back for updates!


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