FOTD Flashback: MAC RiRi Boy and NARS Mata Hari (26/08/2013)

Just another ordinary day in school! I think I just got my shipment of RiRi Boy a few days before these photos were taken so I was really excited (and nervous) to try it out. What’s funny is how much I fell in love with the RiRi Boy shade when I initially thought it was that one shade in the MAC RiRi Hearts Summer 2013 collection that I wouldn’t like!

In fact, if I remember correctly, I wore purple tones on my face the whole week since my MAC RiRi Boy order also included MAC Strong Woman and the 3 mattenes from the MAC Taste Temptation collection. I was also just honestly ecstatic that I was actually able to pull off purple hues, because when I tried a purple lipstick for the first time (MAC Heroine) I thought it looked horrible on me. 😆

Please click the thumbnails for the larger versions of the photos (links to high-res versions are within the gallery).

Just a little tip, though: if you’re planning to wear purple to violet hues on your face and you’re trying them out for the first time, do so with a light hand then simply adjust gradually according to your preference (this applies to eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush). This is to avoid making the corresponding part your face look bruised (because really, who wants to look beat up!?).

Cosmetics Used

  • FACE
    • Benefit The POREfessional
    • MAC Studio Fix Concealer with SPF 35 in NW20
    • MAC Studio Fix Powder + Foundation in NC35
    • MAC Select Sheer Pressed in NC30
    • Benefit Brow Zings in medium
  • LIPS
    • MAC Prep + Prime Lip
    • MAC RiRi Boy retro matte lipstick
    • NARS Mata Hari powder blush

6 thoughts on “FOTD Flashback: MAC RiRi Boy and NARS Mata Hari (26/08/2013)

  1. Huh. For someone with warm undertones you look really really good with these cool pinks and purples! (something for me to note the next time I do makeup for other people because I always avoid these colours with them) I really like the gold collar necklace you’re wearing by the way.

    • You have the best comments lol I am so flattered, thank you! I actually avoided them too before, but they were right when they said “don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.” Give them a shot too, you might fall in love with them like I did. 😉

      This particular necklace is in silver (must be my dresser’s glare that made it seem gold) btw, but I have it in gold too, so thanks! 😆

    • Aww, thanks love! x

      You can get Up The Amp as a replacement—they just differ in the type of finish but in terms of color they’re almost the same. 🙂

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