Meet Toffee

I didn’t really shoot this photo to post on my blog—I was merely transferring my countless practice shots from a few days ago along with the photos I took for my two upcoming posts, when this particular photo caught my eye. Clearly I need more practice with taking photos and familiarizing myself with my camera’s controls, though! I’ve been finding this photography thing quite challenging, to be honest, and I never really thought I would. Maybe because I had never bothered manually adjusting the settings on all of the other cameras I’ve operated before, which all also happened to be point-and-shoot cameras? Regardless, words cannot express how much more respect I have for professional photographers now! You guys do wonders!


(click the photo for the full resolution)
Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Focal length: 17.479mm
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec
Aperture: F5.0
ISO: 1600

Going back to the photo… everyone, meet my baby girl Toffee, a Chi-Apso: a designer breed dog that’s equal parts pure Chihuahua and pure Lhasa Apso, although she tends to look like a slightly bigger purebred long-haired Chihuahua more often than not. She was born on the 29th of July 2012, meaning she’s a year old and (almost) 3 months now, but she’s been with me for just a little more than 1 year and 1 month (I got her on September 19, 2012).

In that short span of time, though, she was able to get me to devote an enormous chunk of my life and all of my love to her (my friends tease me as the crazy dog lady). I believe it’s probably because of two reasons: (1) she’s my very first own puppy, making her extra special; and (2) she’s ridiculously smart to the extent that sometimes I sincerely think she’s a human stuck in a dog’s body. I mean really, she potty-trained herself (she relieves herself just beside the veranda of my room and if and ONLY if she has access to it) and learned how to tidy up her toys before sleeping at night all on her own (you are never going to find her toys lingering around the house if it’s late at night—there was this one time she was already in bed but she suddenly got up, went down the stairs, and came back to bed with a toy she forgot in the living room)..! I think it really is possible for owners’ traits to rub off on their pets, because she comes off to me as a dog with a mild case of OCD. 😆

I guess that’s more than enough about Toffee for now. You’ll be seeing photo posts of her every once in a while on this site, so I hope you’re fond of dogs, too! 🙂


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