New Blog Segment: Holiday Haul 2013

As usual, I’ve been MIA again for most of the school week. What else was I expecting from starting this blog on my thesis term, right? Of course that’s going to eat up most of my time! Which reminds me, I have an interview to conduct later in addition to a review of related literature to polish. There’s also so much grocery shopping to be done! To think I’ve barely recovered from my recurrent slight fever, cold, cough, and sore throat (I missed two school days this week + I didn’t get to attend our thesis meeting yesterday)… 😥

…anyway, I better get back on track before this post turns into a full-scale rant about my overly stressful second-to-the-last (hopefully) term in college. 😆

Holiday Haul 2013 is a series of blog posts on my acquisitions of limited edition cosmetics released this holiday season. There will be sneak peek product photo posts, along with swatch and review posts to follow.

Posts included within this segment will be restricted to holiday collections ONLY—other makeup purchases will simply be under the general Makeup Haul category accessible from the main navigation menu or the sidebar, although everything else from Holiday Haul 2013 may be found through that category as well.

I already have a bunch of posts pending from my horribly busy week last week, so stay tuned!

P.S. Oh my goodness my anal-retentiveness is bordering on psychotic…


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