OOTD: Support Local Brands!

I’m not one to be nationalistic and go preaching “Filipino Pride!” on you all, but if there’s something Filipino that I’m particularly proud of, it’s the local clothing and fashion lines here, including the indie accessory makers. So much of them look really stylish, yet you can get them for barely a fraction of the price of imported clothing brands!

Please click the thumbnails for the larger versions of the photos (links to high-res versions are within the gallery).

I was actually supposed to include this with the FOTD post I published earlier (they were taken on the same day, obviously), but my obsessive-compulsiveness got the best of me because the post title and content seemed disorganized, so… yeah. Typical Erika. 😆

Back to my plain Jane stressed-with-thesis outfit! Sleeveless top from Plains and Prints, light denim jeans from Zara, high-heeled sandals in mint green by Terry+Ahrens at Zalora, convertible bucket bag/rucksack in navy stripes by Tonic at Taste Central, infinity leather bracelet set by Propaganda at Taste Central, gold hoop earrings by Topshop (I think it isn’t visible here but it is on my previous post LOL), two-tone Amy watch in silver and yellow gold by Marc Jacobs.

P.S. Please don’t mind the strangers’ photos in the picture frames on top of my shoe rack cabinet and my tacky unaltered jeans, BTW! I’ve been putting off replacing the stock photos with photos of my own and taking a trip to the tailor shop because I’m the biggest lazy-ass on earth. 😆


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