Wish List Items: Guerlain Météorites Perles and Guerlain Météorites Voyage Powder

As many of you know, I’m an avid reader of Temptalia—in fact, I actually got the idea to blog about makeup from her. If you frequent her site as well, you’d notice how often she raves about Guerlain’s products and collections. I used to shrug this off because I was only concerned with MAC, NARS, Tarte, Benefit, and Urban Decay’s products, but I’ve been trying out new brands lately (such as Laura Mercier) and all the posts on Guerlain products finally got to me… most especially the ones about the ubiquitous Guerlain Météorites.

The Guerlain Météorites sparked my curiosity, partly because the packaging was beautiful and I remember playing around with a similar Météorites-like blush my mom had when I was younger (I’m not sure if that was Bare Escentuals or Guerlain itself), but mostly because Christine of Temptalia calls it “Photoshop in her pocket.” Now, who doesn’t want that!? 😆

Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder Summer 2010

Guerlain Météorites Perles Summer 2010 Collection

Don’t they look lovely? They kind of remind me of the Dippin’ Dots ice cream, too, if you’re familiar with those. Makes me want to gobble up the whole tin (now that I think of it, ew).

According to many reviews I’ve read, the Guerlain Météorites go on your face so translucently that it’s hardly noticeable in pictures, making a lot of first-timers hesitant with purchasing (myself included). It supposedly elicits the “OMG what did you do to your skin? You’re glowing!” response from people you encounter, though. 😆

Here are some photos of the Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder from the Guerlain Météorites Perles Collection that was launched way back in Summer 2010!

Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder

Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder Packaging

Météorites Perles 00 Blanc de Perle ($56)

Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder in 00 Blanc de Perle ($56.00)

Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder 01 Teint Rosé ($56)

Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder in 01 Teint Rosé ($56.00)

Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder 02 Teint Beige ($56)

Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder in 02 Teint Beige ($56.00)

Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder 03 Teint Doré ($56)

Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder in 03 Teint Doré ($56.00)

I heard these dessert-looking babies can function as a setting powder, finishing powder, and highlighter. Talk about gorgeous AND versatile! In addition to that, it apparently has skin-correcting features, too, which explains the multi-spectrum shades present in the color harmonies 01 to 03. The individual pastel shades in the 3 colored harmonies each correct separate skin tone issues—the greens neutralize too much pinks (especially in cooler skin tones); the pinks serve as a very light translucent blush that brightens up dull complexions; the blues counter yellowish tones that are most evident in tired skin; and lastly, the mauves have a light-reflective property, leaving shadowed areas of the face brightened up.

Obviously it isn’t as travel-friendly in that form, though, so they released a compact version that pretty much served the exact same purpose.

Météorites Voyage Compact ($170)

Guerlain Météorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder Packaging

Météorites Voyage Compact 2 ($170)

Guerlain Météorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder in Mythic ($170.00)

Météorites Voyage Compact Refill ($55)

Guerlain Météorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder in Mythic – Refill ($55.00)

Such a lovely luxury pressed powder case! It’s unbelievably expensive at $170.00 for 0.26oz of product and still a bit expensive at $55.00 if you’re just getting a refill, but so many people claim that these last for a really long time. More people seem to opt for the Météorites Perles though, since they just go for $56.00 per 0.30oz of product and they were said to last for years.

Now, what do you use to apply these pretty little things on your face, then? You can opt for any blush or highlighting brush, or you could be totally anal-retentive and obsessive-compulsive about it and get the Guerlain Météorites brush.

Météorites Brush ($36)

Guerlain Météorites Brush ($36.00)

I’m actually tempted to hit the purchase button at the Nordstrom website (since it’s the Black Friday Sale today and all) then get them shipped to my aunt in NY who’s going to MNL this Christmas (so I won’t be getting it until the last week of December, which would suck), but I think I’ll wait it out since I just read that Guerlain will be releasing a new and improved formula of the Guerlain Météorites Perles in the first quarter of 2014…

…unless I wind up in Rustan’s The Beauty Source in Makati and I see these there. LOL JK! 😆 These are part of Guerlain’s permanent collection, anyway, so I probably really won’t be buying these even if I do wind up in Makati any time soon. On the other hand, if I find the limited edition Guerlain Crazy Paris Holiday 2013 collection there… that would be a whole different story. 😉

The photos on this post were taken from the official Guerlain website.


20 thoughts on “Wish List Items: Guerlain Météorites Perles and Guerlain Météorites Voyage Powder

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  2. The markup isn’t too awful in Singapore actually. I own the Pressed Powder compact in Teint Beige, which I absolutely love. It also gives that ‘your skin but better look’, but is less shimmery than the actual meteorites. I was this close to purchasing it after seeing the Temptalia review for the Ctazy Meteorites though!

    • I know, right! Her review was so enticing. To think it wasn’t even a press sample, too!

      I also feel like getting the Crazy Météorites since it’s limited edition and the pink and black packaging is to die for, but I’ve yet to check if it’s available in Makati. I really hate that Guerlain isn’t widely available here! I envy you, I wish Sephora opens up a branch here in Manila soon. 😦

    • Nope, I haven’t tried anything from Guerlain yet, unfortunately! 😦 I’m thinking of getting the Crazy Paris météorites though, if I’m lucky enough to even get hold of them. 😆

      Thanks for the advice! I’ll check that out soon, too. x

  3. The Meteorites are completely amazing, they have changed my *beauty* life forever! It’s a must-get for every beauty lover…. just get 1, any one, and you’re set for life. Seriously, nobody ever finishes their pearls!! But it is addictive though, once you get it, you’ll want all the limited edition releases! ;P

    • I got to try the Météorites Perles in Teint Beige just yesterday and indeed, it does make that very subtle but still beautiful difference! I ended up getting the Météorites Voyage Pressed Powder in Mythic, though, because I was thinking of either waiting for the new Météorites Perles formulation that will be released this Spring 2014 or getting the Météorites Crazy Pearls from the Crazy Paris collection. What do you think? 😆

      …this is going to be a veeeeery difficult collection haha!

      • Get the Crazy Pearls!!!! I love the brightening effect on my skin, and if you’re so inclined and have the patience, you can use a smaller brush swirl the pink balls only, and get a nice sheer blush out of it!!!

      • Alright then, thanks for the advice! I love the Crazy Pearls’ packaging too, but I was just worried it wouldn’t look as “natural” and wouldn’t be as “corrective” as the Météorites Perles in Teint Beige. Ugh, at this rate of confusion I’m having, I’ll probably end up purchasing both! 😥 😆

    • Hello! I haven’t logged on to Bloglovin (or updated my blog, even) for quite a few days now, unfortunately. Let me know when you’ve followed me, though! I’ll follow right back. 🙂

  4. Hi Erika 🙂 thanks for commenting on my balenciaga post 🙂 i love guerlain meterorites too and i need to get that super cute brush from guerlain right away! great post, i love it! followed u back 🙂

    • I got the Voyage compact powder, which I’ll be making a post on ASAP! I’m planning to get the Météorites loose pearls this week, along with the brush. I’ll let you know how it is, if ever! 🙂

      Thank you very much for following back, BTW! I appreciate it. x

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