Blog Award #2 and #3: Sunshine Award

Stock image from Google Images, word art (c) Erika de Jesus

1. Share 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers.
4. Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Notify your nominees about this post.

In case you’re wondering why the title of this post states that this is the second and third blog award my blog is receiving, it’s because I got nominated twice for this award—first, by Jackie of The Little Scottish Corner last November 18, and second, by Ghia of BeautyBloggerGoddess last December 8. Thank you very much, ladies! I feel bad that I only got around to writing about it now, but better late than never, right? 😉

Anyway, since I have two sets of questions to answer, I’m going to be combining the questionnaires instead and removing duplicates, if any. I’ll be coming up with just 11 questions and nominating 11 other bloggers, though, so whoever my nominees are will have to answer just the standard 11 questions!

WARNING: Extremely long (and highly likely boring, unless you’re weirdly intrigued by my life for some reason) blog post ahead!

11 Facts About Me

1. I grew up in Doha, State of Qatar. In case you’re curious, it’s located in the Middle East, right beside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. I’m currently taking up AB Psychology at De La Salle University-Manila. I’m on Christmas break as of the moment, though, and I’ll be starting my last term in college (HOPEFULLY) when school resumes. My previous term was the beginning of my undergraduate thesis, which explains my weeks-long absence from makeup blogging.

3. I may not look like it at all, but I’ve been a techie and a computer geek for as long as I can remember. I love programming, coding layouts for websites, multimedia arts, graphic design, troubleshooting computer problems, and pretty much tweaking anything related to computers… I actually took up BS Computer Science specializing in Software Technology before I realized that Psychology interested me more.

4. I play video games on my Xbox 360 and on my little brother’s PS3, too. My favorite games are Grand Theft Auto IV (I still haven’t bought GTA V because I know it will distract me from everything else I have to attend to), Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Halo 3… I also like the Dance Central series. 😆

5. I absolutely love reading books, and I really hate that school has been eating up all my time for leisure-reading lately.

6. I’m a night owl. My mind usually works better at night and I just function better, overall. Oh, and BTW… I can function properly up to 48 straight hours of not getting any sleep. I know it’s unhealthy, but it’s pretty cool, no? It’s like a superpower.

7. I’m a shopaholic, not in a sense that I just love shopping and I can’t get enough of it, but in a sense that I truly am a shopaholic to the extent that it’s already unhealthy. Imagine the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” movie, except I don’t have all the credit card woes the main character has because my mom handles them all (P.S. I love you mommy). 😆

8. I have a mild case of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD). It’s not really clinically diagnosed, but based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR), I manifest most of the symptoms and fit in the criteria and all! 😆

9. I have so much makeup that I actually have a makeup inventory (which I honestly haven’t updated in so long). I need to put that pending feature up on my blog already!

10. Speaking of my makeup inventory… I am absolutely addicted to collecting lipstick. I think I have 60-70 tubes of MAC lipsticks on my vanity now, and those don’t even include my lip pencils from both MAC and NARS. I lost count already (again, because I haven’t updated my inventory yet)! I love blushes too, but my blush collection is nowhere near as impressive as my lipstick collection.

11. I get really ticked off by people who don’t know me and yet judge me because of how bold the makeup I wear can be (especially when they say I look “too made up for school,” WTF)—it’s my face and I can do what I want to do with it. In fact, I actually view makeup and the way I do my makeup everyday as artistic expressions and outlets, and no one should ever have a right to deprive anybody of those.

Jackie’s Questions

1. Who is the biggest inspiration in your life?
Uhm, my mom, I guess? We may not get along 100% of the time, but she sure inspires me a lot. She’s the perfect example of a strong, independent, modern woman, and my goal in life is to be as good and well kept-together as her, if not even better.

2. Why and when did you start blogging?
I have a ridiculous obsession with makeup and my makeup collection began growing to a great extent this year, so I thought… “Why not set up a formal blog about makeup, where I could openly talk about them and even test them out? I could also publish non-makeup-related posts if I felt like it, because I had been itching to find a creative outlet for quite some time already.” I registered for a WordPress account in September 2013, but I just actually started working on it some time in October 2013. I’m still far from content with how I’m updating it, though, because I hardly ever do so regularly.

3. The first makeup/beauty/fashion item you remember buying?
I remember getting a cheap-ass “makeup kit” (but it was functional, mind you) from Toys ‘R Us back when I was around 5 or 6 years old, or maybe even 7. It had a clown red lipstick, a small makeup bag made up of clear pink plastic material, and an eyeshadow or blush palette, if I remember correctly. I think I’d still be able to find it here somewhere if I looked hard enough… 😆

4. Cats or dogs?
Dogs, definitely!

5. Favourite drugstore and favourite high end product?
This doesn’t necessarily have to be makeup, right? 😆 For my favorite drugstore beauty product, it’s St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish and Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub. For the high-end beauty product, I guess it’s Guerlain Météorites Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer as of the moment!

6. Ideal night in?
(Almost) all nights in are ideal. I’m a bit of an introvert that way. 🙄

7. One place in the world you really want to go?
PARIS. I can’t believe I haven’t gone yet!

8. If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be?
Honey, please please PLEASE learn how to save money. Oh, and enjoy your childhood, for goodness’ sake! You only ever get to be young once!

9. Favourite film or TV show?
I have so many favorite TV shows (that I haven’t caught up to since last term started, BTW), but my favorites have got to be The Vampire Diaries and Grey’s Anatomy. Oh, and How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory! One Tree Hill too, even though it ended a long time ago.

10. Your most prized possession?
My Apple gadgets (especially my MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPhone 5, and iPad Mini), my car, and of course, my walk-in closet (and everything else in it). 😆

11. Dessert island products?
I’m sorry, but I really don’t get this question. 😦

Ghia’s Questions

1. What is the one makeup item that you cannot live without?
Lipstick, definitely!

2. Do you prefer high end or drugstore makeup?
High-end makeup.

3. Where is your dream vacation?
In Bora Bora, French Polynesia!

4. Since Christmas is just around the corner, what is that one thing that you would want to receive?
I answered so late that Christmas had already gone by… lol. Anyway, I didn’t really want anything in particular because even before gift-giving I already had almost everything I wanted, but some of the things I thought of getting for myself were the Guerlain Météorites Perles and the Guerlain Météorites Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer, both of which my boyfriend already got for me and I will do a post on within the week, along with the Guerlain Météorites Brush, which still isn’t in stock yet. 😦

5. Give one weird fact about you.
I’m honestly a bit scared of long-term commitment. Really weird especially since I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years now.

6. If you could be anyone else in the world right now, who would you be and why?
This is difficult. Uh, Jennifer Lawrence, maybe? I can’t think of anyone else… 😆

7. What is your go-to outfit for everyday?
I don’t really have one, but my safest bets are: (1) blouse/tank top, skinny jeans, high-heeled wedges; (2) tucked-in tank top, skater skirt, flats/high-heeled wedges/sneakers; (3) cropped top/tank top, high-waisted shorts, sneakers/boat shoes/flats.

8. What is one item in your closet that you feel every woman should have?
Black high-heeled stiletto pumps.

9. Which celebrity do you look up to in terms of fashion style?
Uh… no one, really. I don’t keep track of celebrities’ fashion timelines, sorry! Thanks for giving me an idea, though. 😆

10. What is/are you current favorite TV shows?
Already answered this above!

11. What is your favorite quote from a TV show, a movie or a song?
“I think relationships are messy and people’s feelings get hurt. Who needs it?” (Summer from 500 Days of Summer)

My Nominees

1. Fashion Siomai
2. The Beauty Bee
3. Victoria Katerina
4. Sarah Loves Makeup
5. Stephanie Wright
6. Beauty On A Budget
7. The Makeup Affair
8. Silverkis’ World
9. DebE
10. B as Blonde
11. JessicaWabbit

My Questions

1. What made you pursue beauty blogging, or blogging in general?

2. Are you in college/have you finished college? What degree are you taking up/did you finish? If you aren’t/haven’t, are you planning to go to college? What degree do you plan to take up?

3. Have you ever considered a formal career in the beauty industry (makeup artist, full-time beauty blogger, etc.)? What’s holding you back (if any)?

4. Have you ever taken/are you planning to take formal makeup lessons? If so, where?

5. What skin care products do you use for your morning routine?

6. What about your evening routine?

7. What is your go-to makeup look on an ordinary day out?

8. What makeup items do you usually take with you whenever you’re out?

9. How much is the biggest you’ve spent for a single makeup purchase?

10. What is your favorite makeup acquisition this 2013?

11. What makeup collection are you looking forward to the most this upcoming 2014?


15 thoughts on “Blog Award #2 and #3: Sunshine Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination, Erika! It was great getting to hear a bit more about you. I feel we’re similar in many ways. I also love reading, I just read the Sookie Stackhouse Series in under 2 weeks (I know, kinda crazy)! The Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang Theory are two of my favorites shows as well – they’re so amazing! Oh and Paris is really great, I hope you get a chance to visit 🙂 x

    • Wow, I can’t believe you actually read it. Even I was overwhelmed with how long this post became, lol. Thanks! 😆

      Glad to know we have a bunch of things in common (aside from the love of makeup)! And yes, I hope I get to visit Paris soon, too!

  2. Xbox geek! Woo! I used to love the Xbox when I was younger. Although my favourite console ever was the Sega mega drive. And people have no right to judge you for wearing bold makeup, whatever makes you happy.
    Also did you really only start your blog in October? It’s so good and you have tonnes of followers. When I followed you back in October I thought you had been blogging for ages cos it was so good xx

    • Wow, another person who surprisingly actually read this post! Thanks! 😆

      I used to be a PlayStation person (I had a PS, PSP, and PS2 when I was younger) but I tried the Xbox for kicks, since my brother has the PS3 already. Great thing I did because I most definitely love it more than the PlayStation! Oh, and I tried the N64 too when I was a kid!

      Anyway, yup, I did! Thank you for thinking that—I really am flattered! I wish I had more time to devote to blogging though, because I really enjoy it (but for some reason I always end up pushing blog tasks to the back of my to-do list). 😦

      • I read all of your posts! I may not read them straight away, but they stay on my bloglovin until I do.
        I used to love spyro the Dragon on PlayStation when I was a kid. I had the proper old school massive PlayStation. Good times haha.
        For being in your thesis year, your blog is still fantastic, I wish mine was as good x

      • I loved Spyro, too! I think I was still in elementary when I played that game.

        Thank you very much for the kind words, Jackie! They mean very much to me. I hope 2014 becomes a fruitful blogging year for us! x

  3. Hi Erika, thanks for the nomination, so touched for your lovely kind message too! I loved reading more about you here! Will try to work on your 11 questions soon, and think about who i’d like to nominate! Have a fantastic NY break and look forward to many more beautiful posts from you in 2014! xoxo

  4. Thanks so much for the nomination Erika, it was lovely to learn more about you! I love that your mom is your inspiration, my mom is a major inspiration in my life too for very similar reasons. She’s able to balance between being a strong, independent woman but is also really warm and caring towards others and I find that really admirable 🙂

    • Great to know that we have more things in common with each other, then! And true, I will forever be in awe how women like our mothers manage to be the way they are. I could only hope to be able to do what they do someday. x

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