Blog Updates: Goodbye 2013, and Hello 2014!

I was actually working on my delayed review for the MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks, until I realized… wait, that was going to be my first post for the new year, a run-of-the-mill makeup review post with photos and swatches? How impersonal and lame is that! The lipstick shades I was going to feature aren’t even part of an exclusive collection of some sort, plus they were released a long time ago!

Fireworks over MNL, taken from the tallest building in PH. Too lovely not to post!
Happy New Year! 🎉 (photo by @Amadeus_IOM of Twitter)

Such a lovely photo, isn’t it? I wish I had the skills (and the equipment) to take a photo as lovely as that! Ugh, I wish I had more artistic skills, in general! 🙄

Anyway, I’d like to wish a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to you, my lovely readers! Two nights ago, I got a notification that my blog got its 200th like, and just last night, that my blog just hit the 100-follower mark (as of the moment, Erika’s Secret Closet has 102 followers and 3 email followers, totalling to 105).

100 Followers and 200 Likes

That doesn’t even include its followers tally on Bloglovin, which just hit 131 as of yesterday.

Bloglovin Followers

…that makes my followers tally on the blogging network total to 236! As an added bonus, I got my 6000th page view today, too! I know those numbers aren’t much at all especially when compared to the stats of other blogs, but still—I just started blogging in the latter part of October 2013 and I had been really inactive for the most part last December, so there was no way in hell I thought this would be possible. Heck, I actually thought I’d have lost plenty of readers because of my inactivity, but surprisingly I even gained some more! Not that I’m complaining, but how and why did that happen!? 😆

This 2014, I plan to be even more active on the blogosphere by a great extent. I’m not going to make any promises whatsoever regarding the frequency of posts for the first 4 months of the year because I’m expecting to undergo the second (and hopefully last) phase of my undergraduate thesis in addition to completing the mandatory 150 hours of on-the-job training this term, but I’m definitely going to do my best to not have any prolonged absences from blogging. If it can’t be helped, I’ll make sure to notify everyone like I did the last time!

Do expect updates to the blog layout, though (I’m thinking of either just modifying my existing layout even more or purchasing a premium layout), and probably a custom URL sometime in the future, which I have yet to decide on (please answer the poll below to help me decide). 🙂

All right, I think I’ve rambled on for too long already! Here’s to the hope of a better year ahead—for this blog and everyone else’s, and for my makeup skills (OMG I made an attempt at smoky eyes last night and I ended up looking like a panda FML wait for my next post HAHAHA).


15 thoughts on “Blog Updates: Goodbye 2013, and Hello 2014!

    • Oh, but they aren’t much at all! I’m sure you have more, especially since you’re so active and you hardly skip a day without updating.

      Thanks for your opinion! The poll results are leaning towards the other option, though. I mean, I like, sure, but “Erika’s Secret” without spaces comes up with the word “ass” in between LOL.

      • I don’t have too many followers or page views, but it’s not too much of an issue for me. I was getting hung up in stats, but now I just want to enjoy blogging and who cares about the numbers?
        I’d never noticed that before, but now it’s all I can see. Ass haha

      • True! I was that way at first—I kept on checking the stats page of my blog, until I realized… I’m blogging because I want to write and showcase what I love, not to revel in stats. I’m never going to enjoy blogging if I get hung up on page views and followers lists, so I hardly ever check them now. Yay us! 😆

        Well, crap. I shouldn’t have pointed it out then. HAHA.

      • You shouldn’t have pointed it out! Haha
        Yeah, at first when I had like ten followers, I was like nobody reads my blog 😦 but now I’ve set myself a target of 200 followers and I will be happy with that. It’s nice to be able to interact with people which if you have so many followers, you probably can’t

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