Eye Makeup Faux Pas: What NOT To Do When Creating Smoky Eyes!

Here’s the “next post” I was talking about on my previous blog updates post—this was intended to be just a personal, sentimental type of post filled with photos from our Media Noche (it’s a Filipino tradition where a midnight feast with relatives is held to welcome the New Year), but when I saw the close-up photos of my eye makeup I really couldn’t stop laughing and face-palming… so I thought of doing a post on what you should NOT do when creating smoky eyes to commemorate my mistake! 😆

It’s a good thing I wore that makeup look to just our Media Noche because if I went out on an ordinary night with those eyes, I’d lose all respect for my “supposed” makeup skills! Check out my embarrassing eye makeup faux pas below (I mean, I know this was the very first time I tried to do smoky eyes and it was perfectly okay to commit a mistake and all, but still)…

Taken with the iPhone 5 Back Camera with minor post-processing on Pixelmator

Taken with the iPhone 5 Back Camera with minor post-processing on Pixelmator

Please click the thumbnails for the larger versions of the photos.

Not that anyone would want to redo this eye makeup look (I know I wouldn’t LOL), but just in case you’re curious, I used Urban Decay Smoked and tried to recreate the “Enigma” look found in the booklet included with the eyeshadow palette. It made use of the following items packaged with the palette: Urban Decay Primer Potion to prime the eyelids and the area below the lower lash line, Freestyle for the crease to the brow arch, Kinky to highlight the brow arch, Urban Decay Eyeliner in Perversion to line the lash lines and water lines, Rockstar to shade the area from the upper lash line to the crease and to line the area right below the lower lash line, and Loaded for the crease, which I blended with Rockstar; and the following other makeup from different brands: MAC Eye Brows in Lingering to shade and thicken my eyebrows, MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy to color my eyebrow strands, MAC Prep + Prime Lash to prime my eyelashes, and Benefit They’re Real! Mascara to thicken and lengthen my eyelashes.

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with minimal post-processing on Pixelmator

Here’s a photo of the Urban Decay Smoked eyeshadow palette for reference purposes!

The problem was that I obviously overdid EVERYTHING (even the eyeshadow primer, my goodness), especially the part where I used the Loaded shade. It was as if I shaded the entirety of my eye sockets! I think it was because the shade is called the way it is, so for some reason my brain interpreted the instructions as “load your eye with Loaded” instead of just “shade your eyelid crease with Loaded,” hence the horrible black-eye HAHAHA. I used just two brushes and one line softener, too (the Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush from the Make Me Classy 12-Piece Essential Kit, the Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush from the Mr. Bunny Travel Kit, and The Body Shop Line Softener), which probably caused a problem because the two dark shades looked muddied due to inefficient blending and the edges weren’t softened effectively, as well.

I thought of *slightly* remedying the situation by dabbing the excess areas with eye makeup remover, but my mom motioned for us to leave already so I ended up shading my eyelids more to balance them out instead (my right eye was shaded crookedly at first), because that was much quicker to do. Ugh. 🙄

…okay, enough of my horrible eye makeup blunder (and social suicide)! At least we all now know what NOT to do when trying out a smoky eye (or was it just me unaware of this?). I’ll post a regular (and much better) eye makeup look the next time, probably with my Laura Mercier Artist Palette for Eyes or my Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette! Wait for it! 😉

Have you committed a huge mistake with smoky eyes (or eye makeup in general), too? What did you do wrong and where were you headed? Share your funny stories below!


33 thoughts on “Eye Makeup Faux Pas: What NOT To Do When Creating Smoky Eyes!

  1. Oh well, we all make mistakes. =) I’m still trying to figure out how to do that gorgeous black defined smoky sultry look I keep seeing in dance photos (I suspect the falsies have something to do with it).

    • I don’t know why, but I swear this smoky eye thing is so challenging! I didn’t have that much difficulty with my Naked palettes even during the first time around! 🙄

      I get what you’re talking about.. sultry smoky eyes always look gorgeous. I need to work on the basic smoky eye before I attempt that one, though. 😆

  2. It doesn’t look so bad, you know. I couldn’t actually see what was wrong with the photo until you told us lower down 🙂 I’ve seen much more noticeable mistakes in the past! More to the point, it’s far more presentable than any smoky eye I’ve ever attempted – I always end up having to take it all off and go for a completely different look – I just can’t do it! Woe xx

    • Wow, really? I never thought anyone (especially those who are adept at makeup like you and all the other beauty bloggers here) would think of it that way. Thanks for the encouragement! And I’m sure the smoky eyes you’ve done before don’t look as bad as you thought. 😉

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 Well, this was my first time and I just realized why I had been afraid of it for so long… 😆

  3. If I had a penny for every single time I messed up a smoky eye, I’d be a millionaire by now! And I say this because it is both easy and difficult to pull off a smokey eye. It’s simple technique but any mistake appears larger than life because of the usually dark color pallete. I find that a deep purple is usually the most forgiving color when one makes mistakes in a smokey eye.

    • Lol at the millionaire comment! 😆

      And yes, I do agree with the easy-to-mess-up bit and the purple eyeshadow being the most forgiving. I remember playing with purple eyeshadow when I was in my preteens, and they actually ended up looking decent on me!

  4. HAHA I love this post! The first time I did a smokey eye for makeup class, I overdid things and looked like a bruised panda! Now that you posted this up, I might give the smokey eye another go. Thanks 🙂

    • Exactly like I did, haha! Did you do anything to remedy it that one time? I really was curious to see what a few dabs of makeup remover might have done, but I really had to go. 😆

      Good luck! Looking forward to a post about it!

      • Honestly I erased it all off! Haha. Wasn’t about to go out looking like a panda. But I did see one beauty ‘guru’ who went over her ‘mistakes’ with left over concealer on a brush from when she did her face makeup. That seemed to do the trick!

      • Really? I’ll check that out online then try it out! I sure hope the concealer doesn’t cake or end up muddy with the eyeshadow, though. Thanks for the tip!

    • Oh, no worries! I couldn’t stop laughing myself, which is why I ended up blogging about it (coincidentally it was about makeup, as well). Yeah, at least I know what I shouldn’t do when pulling this off the next time! 😆

  5. I love the colors! Don’t worry, creating a smokey eyes with dark colors is still a challenge for me. At least with lighter colors I can blend them out to blend in with my skin lol. Next time try using a brown transition shade on your crease so the color seems like it’s fading out towards your browbone. I wish I can just snap my fingers and have my makeup on like a pro!

    • I’ll try that the next time. I mean, I do pretty well with non-smoky eye makeup looks, but with smoky eyes for some reason I always end up looking like a panda.. 😆 Thanks for the tip!

      ..and about your wish, oh, don’t we all? 🙄

    • I’ve been getting that feedback about this post quite a lot! I honestly don’t get why because I laugh at myself a lot… 😆

      True! I need so much practice with eye makeup (especially with smoky eyes). Thanks for dropping by, BTW! Loving the new layout on your blog!

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