New Year 2014: OOTN and Others

Here’s the “personal and sentimental New Year 2014 post” I originally intended to publish two days ago, prior to my getting carried away by the photos of my panda look (my best friend came up with that title for my eye makeup faux pas—I retorted that the dark circles of my eyes got so hopelessly dark that I resolved to shade my entire eye sockets with dark eyeshadow instead LOL we’re so weird)…

Before I start boring you guys about my thoughts and sentiments for the year 2013 and my hopes and plans for this 2014, let me first begin by showing you my New Year’s Eve outfit!

Green emerald drop earrings from Zalora, chain link necklace in yellow gold from Cotton On, chain link bracelet with logo drop in yellow gold from Michael Kors, Bradshaw 40mm chronograph watch in yellow gold from Michael Kors, dress from Tomato, dress belt in nude from Tomato, and peep-toe Sonia heels in nude from Sugarfree at Taste Central.

Pardon the really low-quality photos! My mother took them with my bridge camera but they turned out pretty horribly, regardless, and surprisingly it wasn’t my mother’s fault (in fact, I’d actually like to thank my mom for sitting down and taking the photos in such an angle that my huge thunder thighs and short legs appeared thinner and longer HAHAHA)—these photos were originally shot in really poor lighting, but I edited them to make them brighter. I think I overdid the brightening like I overdid my eyeshadow, though, hence the grainy output… 😆

Here are some more photos, this time of me with my family and of our simple New Year’s Eve feast. Check them out below, and click the thumbnails if you want to see the larger pictures! You may also hover your cursor over the thumbnails to view the individual captions.

I didn’t eat as much as I normally would, but I sure enjoyed the maki!

Now, I’m not exactly the type of person to come up with lengthy blog posts of gratitude to end the previous year (because there’s way too many feels required for that and I hate feelings LOL) or new year’s resolutions (because we all know we’re going to be breaking that shit at one point or another), but here are some of the blessings in 2013 that I’m most thankful for and the goals I want to achieve the most this 2014:

2013 2014
  • For another year of my life (and my loved ones’ lives, of course)
  • For good health (and for losing weight even though I’ve probably gained a lot of them back thanks to the holidays, ha!)
  • For my family’s successful coping with my aunt’s death last December 2012
  • For my family members (especially my mom and little brother) and my dogs (especially Toffee)
  • For my boyfriend, best friends, and all my other friends, especially my thesis mates
  • For making it to the first honors dean’s list despite hardly exerting any effort
  • For getting a near-dean’s lister GPA this term despite not exerting any effort AT ALL
  • For my new iPad Mini, iPhone 5, MacBook Air, and Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
  • For my makeup collection expanding by tenfold (or hundredfold, even)
  • For my walk-in closet and everything in it
  • For all the other material things I was blessed with
  • For finally getting to start this blog
  • For gaining readers and new friends
  • Be a candidate for best thesis (hopefully and God-willingly)
  • Get awarded for best thesis (again, hopefully and God-willingly)
  • Finish my undergraduate degree
  • Land my first official, paying job
  • Stop succumbing to things that grant instant gratification
  • Begin thinking of life from a long-term point-of-view
  • (Re-)learn how to budget and save money
  • Be punctual at all times and all situations
  • Strictly honor deadlines regardless of who imposed them
  • Avoid procrastinating and slacking off as much as possible
  • Use my Starbucks 2014 planner the whole year and actually abide by the things I plan
  • Start and finish Project 365
  • Finish reading at least 10 novels
  • Publish at least 4 blog posts a week
  • Gradually decrease the number of cigarettes I smoke until I quit entirely
  • Master eye makeup application
  • Master face contouring

…okay, that was much lengthier than I expected, as usual (some things are never going to change)! I guess this about wraps up my year-ender and year-starter blog post series. I swear I really didn’t think I would end up publishing 3 long entries for that purpose! 😆

What about you, what are you aiming for this 2014? Whatever they may be, I truly hope you get to attain them (as I hope for myself)! Cheers to the new year, and here’s to a much better and more fruitful year ahead for all of us!


23 thoughts on “New Year 2014: OOTN and Others

  1. May all your 2014 wishes come true love ^_^ you rocked new years eve with that look! I see in 2013 you were planning to lose weight, you must have succeeded because you look slim and amazing 😀

    • Aw, you flatter me too much! Thank you for the really kind words—you made my night! 🙂

      Well, I was 120lbs last May 2013 and my lowest weight was at 106lbs last September, but the holidays made me go back to 110lbs. I’m so sad. I hope to be 100-105lbs by March, before I turn 20!

  2. Yay lovely outfit! I particularly like the skirt part of your dress, it reminds me of Missoni stripes 🙂 also, love that your watch is called ‘Bradshaw’, I’m a huge Sex and the City fan! Best of luck with your resolutions. I haven’t officially made any yet, for fear of failure. Maybe if I post some on my blog I’ll HAVE to stick to them xx

    • Thank you, Effie! I have no idea what Missoni stripes are, but I’m quite fond of chevron stripes so I’m in love with the skirt part of my dress, too! 🙂

      I prefer referring to my “resolutions” as “goals” instead—they sound much more realistic and put much less pressure on me! Resolutions seem like they’re always made to be broken.. 😆

      • Oooh, that’s a very good plan. Goals definitely sound more solid. Missoni are an Italian fashion house owned by the Missoni family. Sadly it’s way beyond my price range, but they are known for their beautiful prints, many of which include their signature stripes. It’s a bit like Paul Smith’s stripes or a Burberry check. Either way, pretty skirt! Xx

      • Now that you described Missoni, it does sound quite a bit familiar to me! Maybe I’ve read about it somewhere. Anyway, thanks again! x

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