MAC Technique Day-to-Night Makeup Workshop with RB Chanco (16/03/2014)

Exactly a month ago, I got to score an invite to the MAC Technique Workshop at SM Mall of Asia. It was the second MAC invite I have ever gotten, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to attend the first one because it came on such short notice (and I had no idea how to drive to Fort back then LOL I’m so geographically challenged).

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with minimal post-processing on Pixelmator

From L-R: the barefaced makeup model, Ms. RB Chanco, and Ms. Kim of MAC Mall of Asia

The guest speaker that was invited for the workshop was the famous local celebrity makeup artist, Ms. RB Chanco. I checked her out online and she has a REALLY impressive profile—first and foremost, she’s an alumna of my alma mater, the De La Salle University – Manila; second, some of the people in her extensive celebrity client roster are Kris Aquino, Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, Julia Barretto, Erich Gonzales, Bianca Gonzales, Maja Salvador, and even Manny Pacquiao; and third, she started her craft as a senior makeup artist at MAC Philippines in the year 2000 and was trained at certified MAC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur in the year 2002. Amazing, right? I wonder how it must feel to be THAT successful in the makeup artistry field!

Anyway, the focus of the makeup workshop was the basic day-to-night makeup look using MAC products (obviously), specifically those from the newly released MAC Fantasy of Flowers Spring 2014 collection (all of which honestly did not seem appealing to me at first, until I saw them applied on the model). It was pretty basic, indeed—around 95% of what was taught was probably not anything makeup enthusiasts would not know, but the fact that Ms. RB Chanco executed every step in such a swift manner and provided benchmarks of where you should exactly apply the makeup was very useful. It gave me an insight on how the professional makeup world worked, and I’m sure it did the same for others, as well.

Scroll down for the step-by-step photos I took of the makeup model’s transformation!

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with minimal post-processing on Pixelmator

The barefaced model.

The contouring process. Some useful tips that I picked up: (1) When contouring the cheeks, imagine drawing a right triangle with diffused edges—beginning from the top part of the ear to the bottom and approaching the area towards the corner of the lip. It’s easiest when done with an angled contour brush. (2) When contouring the nose, make a subtle “V” shape on the tip of the nose and blend out the edges.

The eye makeup process. If Ms. RB Chanco could emphasize on anything more while doing the model’s eye makeup, it was the lining of the upper water line. I had never done it before, but after I tried it out I realized she was right—it *does* define the eyes in ways I didn’t know possible! It’s pretty challenging, though, and really stable hands (and eyelids) help a whole lot in executing it.

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with minimal post-processing on Pixelmator

The finished product of the day makeup segment. Notice how light the hues are and how subtle the overall effect of the makeup look is? Perfect for daytime!

For the transition from day to night makeup, the main goal to achieve was to intensify pretty much everything that was already applied during the day makeup look, paying extra attention to the eyes and lips.

Ms. RB Chanco also taught the attendees how to attach false eyelashes and how to make them blend in with the rest of the eyelashes as if they were natural—the trick lies in how you do the mascara and eyeliner after attaching the falsies. I wish I sat up front so I got to take better photos!

Of course, after the darkening of hues of the eyeshadow and lipstick, along with the intensification of the blushes used, what MAC enthusiast doesn’t finish off a makeup look with the cult favorite, the MAC Fix+ spray? I usually let my skin just soak it in after spraying, but in this case the MUA dabbed the model’s face with a cotton round. Maybe that’s how it is when you’re trying to save time?

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with minimal post-processing on Pixelmator

Here’s the finished product of the night makeup look! Note how the pigments used in this look are much more saturated as compared to the day makeup look where the colors are muted? Now we all know how to transition from day to night makeup looks regardless of what cosmetic brand we use! 😉

To conclude this post, check out the gallery below to view a photo of me with Ms. RB Chanco and the model, plus a bunch of other photos I got taken with my MUA friends at MAC SM Mall of Asia! It was really cute how they were all “Ms. Erika picture tayo!” (let’s take a picture) to me. 😆

From L-R: with the makeup model and Ms. RB Chanco, Ms. Kim Gil, Ms. Myfy Cruz (whom I have been friends with from back when she used to work at NARS Rustan’s ATC), and Mr. Luis Buñag.

…I guess that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed writing and shooting the pictures. I can’t wait to attend more events like this (although it would really be nice if they set a better venue next time) so I could write and learn about more!

How about you, my lovely readers… have you attended a similar event or workshop? How was it? Go ahead and share your experience(s) below! 🙂


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