Erika’s Secret Closet Has Migrated To!

Remember one of my New Year 2014 blog posts and how I planned to register my own domain for my blog? Well, I finally got to registering it two nights ago and I decided on getting despite the poll results favoring the other option, because I simply can NOT “un-see” the ASS in 😆

So, aside from the domain change, here are a bunch of other site-related announcements!

1. Erika’s Secret Closet has a new favicon to go with its new domain! You should be able to see it beside the URL on the address bar of your browser, but here’s the larger version, anyway.

Created with Pixelmator for Mac

2. I just recently revived my account (it’s the round question mark icon found on the top-most portion of my blog’s sidebar), so please feel free to leave me questions and/or messages anytime and I’ll be sure to respond to them ASAP! 🙂

3. Lastly, in case you need to contact me for more formal purposes, my official email address for the blog is now (ooh, spiffy), so I’ll appreciate it if you don’t send emails to my other addresses anymore in case you know of them. Thank you! You can also access it via the round mail icon found beside the button on the blog side bar or through the contact page, BTW.

…well, I guess that’s pretty much it. What do you guys think of all the new site changes (especially of the revamped favicon)? I mean, they may be minor, but I sure am happy about them! I can’t wait to update my blog with all the pending posts I had been putting off since December 2013—I reaaaally love that I finally have the time! 😆


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