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Hi everyone! On the last entry about my blog undergoing site maintenance (that post may be found here, on my old blog at, I mentioned something about finally making the switch from to a self-hosted blog.

Well, the transfer is finally done—this will be the last update on and all the new posts I will be publishing will be found ONLY on! Although the old posts may still be viewed here, I recommend you visit my new site instead since all the posts from before were imported there, anyway (plus the new site design looks so much better). 😆

There was a bit of a delay due to a bunch of technical things regarding hosting and Jetpack plugin connection (at one point I thought I lost all my blog followers from, but everything is supposedly all sorted now, except the new blog still can’t accommodate new subscribers using the embeddable WordPress “follow button” as of the moment. That will hopefully be fixed within the week, but for the meantime, new followers may opt for the “Subscribe via Email” function found on my sidebar—just enter your email address on the field provided and hit the subscribe button. Old followers from November 12, 2014 and earlier will have to do the same IF you want to receive email updates on new blog posts, but if you’re okay with being subscribed through just the WordPress Reader, then you won’t have to do anything.

Anyway, check out my new blog icon and layout! I worked pretty hard on it so I hope you guys like how it looks. Let me know what you think! Hope to see you all there! 🙂

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Blog Under Construction!

Hi everyone! My blog will be undergoing site maintenance as I’m currently transferring everything from my blog to my self-hosted WordPress blog (FINALLY, AFTER MONTHS OF THINKING ABOUT IT). 🙂 This website will still be *supposedly* accessible via, but in case it shows a bunch of errors during the transfer, kindly open the site through the old URL at for the meantime.

Once the transfer is done (hopefully within the day), will be completely accessible again with all the old posts and content, including the comments that had already been posted. All my subscribers will also be moved to the new blog, so if you’re already following me, my posts will still be appearing on your WordPress Reader. If you want to receive updates via email, however, you’d have to input your email address in the “Subscribe via Email” widget of the sidebar regardless of your WordPress Reader subscription status. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I’ll make another post the moment I’m done with conducting the maintenance! I can’t wait for all of you to see the new layout I worked so hard on!

Hope you’re all having a great day! 🙂

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Site Update!

My apologies for my extremely long absence! I had been feeling completely uninspired for any blogging activity whatsoever these past few months. 😦 If it’s any consolation, I have been doing a bit of traveling since then—I’m currently writing this post from Cairo, Egypt—and I can’t wait to post about all of my trips! I also have way too many new makeup purchases (that I’ve already taken photos of) to write about, so here’s to actually sharing my thoughts on them (I will be prioritizing the new travel section of my blog for the meantime, though).

To all my followers, both new and old, thank you SO much for sticking around! ❤

P.S. I made a bunch of modifications to my website layout just recently (check out my header image, navigation menu, side bar, footer, and very subtly modified background). I hope you like them!

Erika’s Secret Closet Has Migrated To!

Remember one of my New Year 2014 blog posts and how I planned to register my own domain for my blog? Well, I finally got to registering it two nights ago and I decided on getting despite the poll results favoring the other option, because I simply can NOT “un-see” the ASS in 😆

So, aside from the domain change, here are a bunch of other site-related announcements!

1. Erika’s Secret Closet has a new favicon to go with its new domain! You should be able to see it beside the URL on the address bar of your browser, but here’s the larger version, anyway.

Created with Pixelmator for Mac

2. I just recently revived my account (it’s the round question mark icon found on the top-most portion of my blog’s sidebar), so please feel free to leave me questions and/or messages anytime and I’ll be sure to respond to them ASAP! 🙂

3. Lastly, in case you need to contact me for more formal purposes, my official email address for the blog is now (ooh, spiffy), so I’ll appreciate it if you don’t send emails to my other addresses anymore in case you know of them. Thank you! You can also access it via the round mail icon found beside the button on the blog side bar or through the contact page, BTW.

…well, I guess that’s pretty much it. What do you guys think of all the new site changes (especially of the revamped favicon)? I mean, they may be minor, but I sure am happy about them! I can’t wait to update my blog with all the pending posts I had been putting off since December 2013—I reaaaally love that I finally have the time! 😆

Back From The Dead!

Hmm. Crazy and sad how my last post was February 16, 2014 and it wasn’t even related to makeup. I feel so bad for neglecting my blog! My apologies, dear readers! This just had to take the backseat because it’s my last term in college (hopefully, assuming everything goes well OMG) and my schedule couldn’t afford anything extracurricular—I didn’t even get to see my BFF for more than a month at one point, and according to her a month is like a year in BFF terms LOL.

Anyway, I’m back now, sort of! I just have to finish my remaining schoolwork (which are mostly group work and media manipulation tasks), study for 2-3 final exams, ace our thesis defense, and submit the hardbound version of our thesis all by April 15. That’s merely 10 days from now and I’m sure it will finish in a jiffy, but I’m also pretty sure that the said 10 days of my life will be so horribly tedious that it would feel like forever. 🙄

…before that, though, I’d like to revive my blog because so much makeup-related shindigs had been going on in my life that I am more than ecstatic to begin sharing it to you guys! For the past 1 month and 3 weeks or so, these events happened:

  • Finally got my coveted items from the Guerlain Crazy Paris Holiday 2013 collection (this ends my Holiday Haul 2013 post LOL how late)
  • Got two new brush sets from Sigma
  • Got my hair done at Franck Provost
  • Attended a MAC workshop hosted by one of the most well-known celebrity makeup artists here in the Philippines, RB Chanco
  • Bought a few items from the MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection
  • Got my very own train case and brush tool belt, because…
  • …I did a hair and makeup stint for a friend’s sister (!!!), which got me…
  • …TWO more hair and makeup stints for another friend’s sister scheduled late 2014 and early 2015!

I’m honestly at a loss with how to begin writing about all those, so I should probably get to work now, you think? Maybe start off with an easy post… 😆

Blog Updates: Goodbye 2013, and Hello 2014!

I was actually working on my delayed review for the MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks, until I realized… wait, that was going to be my first post for the new year, a run-of-the-mill makeup review post with photos and swatches? How impersonal and lame is that! The lipstick shades I was going to feature aren’t even part of an exclusive collection of some sort, plus they were released a long time ago!

Fireworks over MNL, taken from the tallest building in PH. Too lovely not to post!
Happy New Year! 🎉 (photo by @Amadeus_IOM of Twitter)

Such a lovely photo, isn’t it? I wish I had the skills (and the equipment) to take a photo as lovely as that! Ugh, I wish I had more artistic skills, in general! 🙄

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Blog Award #2 and #3: Sunshine Award

Stock image from Google Images, word art (c) Erika de Jesus

1. Share 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers.
4. Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Notify your nominees about this post.

In case you’re wondering why the title of this post states that this is the second and third blog award my blog is receiving, it’s because I got nominated twice for this award—first, by Jackie of The Little Scottish Corner last November 18, and second, by Ghia of BeautyBloggerGoddess last December 8. Thank you very much, ladies! I feel bad that I only got around to writing about it now, but better late than never, right? 😉

Anyway, since I have two sets of questions to answer, I’m going to be combining the questionnaires instead and removing duplicates, if any. I’ll be coming up with just 11 questions and nominating 11 other bloggers, though, so whoever my nominees are will have to answer just the standard 11 questions!

WARNING: Extremely long (and highly likely boring, unless you’re weirdly intrigued by my life for some reason) blog post ahead!

Click through for the rest of the post!

Blog Updates: December 23-29

I was making a check list of the posts I plan to publish during my measly 2-week Christmas break (I swear these OC tendencies of mine will take over my life someday), then I thought… why not make it a habit to post short weekly blog announcements, along with a list of posts for you guys to look forward to (I hope) the entire week? 😉

Alright, here goes…

Click to see the list of updates and pending posts!

Blog Award #1: WordPress Family Award

WordPress Family Award

“I am part of the WordPress Family Award”

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 6 other bloggers who have made an impact on your blogging experience in such a way that they feel like “family.”
4. Let your 6 “WordPress family members” know that you have awarded them.
5. Spread the love!

I was nominated by the lovely Erin Campbell of Smiles and Sparkles last November 10, but unfortunately, I had been so busy these past few weeks and I only found the time to write a post on this now. Sorry! Anyway, thank you so much, Erin! This is my very first blog award, so I really appreciate it. More power to your blog, and I look forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

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New Blog Segment: Holiday Haul 2013

As usual, I’ve been MIA again for most of the school week. What else was I expecting from starting this blog on my thesis term, right? Of course that’s going to eat up most of my time! Which reminds me, I have an interview to conduct later in addition to a review of related literature to polish. There’s also so much grocery shopping to be done! To think I’ve barely recovered from my recurrent slight fever, cold, cough, and sore throat (I missed two school days this week + I didn’t get to attend our thesis meeting yesterday)… 😥

…anyway, I better get back on track before this post turns into a full-scale rant about my overly stressful second-to-the-last (hopefully) term in college. 😆

Holiday Haul 2013 is a series of blog posts on my acquisitions of limited edition cosmetics released this holiday season. There will be sneak peek product photo posts, along with swatch and review posts to follow.

Posts included within this segment will be restricted to holiday collections ONLY—other makeup purchases will simply be under the general Makeup Haul category accessible from the main navigation menu or the sidebar, although everything else from Holiday Haul 2013 may be found through that category as well.

I already have a bunch of posts pending from my horribly busy week last week, so stay tuned!

P.S. Oh my goodness my anal-retentiveness is bordering on psychotic…