Thesis Submission Withdrawal Symptoms

(Left) With my thesis mates, Marla, Arthur, and Denise. I love those three to bits!
(Right) With our baby. Blood, sweat, tears, and love in all 171 pages… no transcripts, even!

CAUTION: Extremely sappy post ahead because it was my last day in college yesterday (I HOPE) and I was writing this at 3 o’ clock in the morning (and we all know that’s the time when all the feels come out). Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😆

We finally submitted our undergraduate thesis yesterday and the following quote seems really applicable to my life as of the moment…

Never make anything your everything, because once it’s gone you’ll be left with nothing.

…LOL ok I know, I’m being overly melodramatic—I should be happy beyond words right now. Don’t get me wrong, I *am,* but it’s just that I have never exerted that much effort for anything in my 20 years of existence (and for that long of a period of time), and now that it’s over I’m feeling a bit disoriented because I made my whole life revolve around it. I mean, I invested eight whole months of my life in that 171-page document. Now that I’m finally done, what the hell do I do with my life!? It also totally doesn’t help that I got so used to being with my thesis mates for the majority of the term (countless sleepovers, too) and I suddenly won’t be seeing them for an extended period of time. Talk about a major case of separation anxiety and excessive attachment! 😥

Kidding and drama aside, I swear, nothing beats the sense of accomplishment getting your thesis hardbound and submitted gives (except maybe garnering best thesis and/or getting it published ha-ha please pray for us on this one). Thank You Lord! We couldn’t be more grateful! ❤️

P.S. I guess you’ll be seeing me here more often now that school’s finally done (for good, I hope—here’s to the wishful and prayerful thinking that I don’t fail any of my other subjects this term and that I get to graduate college this June 2014), huh? Can’t wait to finally write and publish all my pending posts! 😉


Back From The Dead!

Hmm. Crazy and sad how my last post was February 16, 2014 and it wasn’t even related to makeup. I feel so bad for neglecting my blog! My apologies, dear readers! This just had to take the backseat because it’s my last term in college (hopefully, assuming everything goes well OMG) and my schedule couldn’t afford anything extracurricular—I didn’t even get to see my BFF for more than a month at one point, and according to her a month is like a year in BFF terms LOL.

Anyway, I’m back now, sort of! I just have to finish my remaining schoolwork (which are mostly group work and media manipulation tasks), study for 2-3 final exams, ace our thesis defense, and submit the hardbound version of our thesis all by April 15. That’s merely 10 days from now and I’m sure it will finish in a jiffy, but I’m also pretty sure that the said 10 days of my life will be so horribly tedious that it would feel like forever. 🙄

…before that, though, I’d like to revive my blog because so much makeup-related shindigs had been going on in my life that I am more than ecstatic to begin sharing it to you guys! For the past 1 month and 3 weeks or so, these events happened:

  • Finally got my coveted items from the Guerlain Crazy Paris Holiday 2013 collection (this ends my Holiday Haul 2013 post LOL how late)
  • Got two new brush sets from Sigma
  • Got my hair done at Franck Provost
  • Attended a MAC workshop hosted by one of the most well-known celebrity makeup artists here in the Philippines, RB Chanco
  • Bought a few items from the MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection
  • Got my very own train case and brush tool belt, because…
  • …I did a hair and makeup stint for a friend’s sister (!!!), which got me…
  • …TWO more hair and makeup stints for another friend’s sister scheduled late 2014 and early 2015!

I’m honestly at a loss with how to begin writing about all those, so I should probably get to work now, you think? Maybe start off with an easy post… 😆

College Stress

To-Do List

#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen your to-do list got so ridiculously long that
you had to edit it to make it appear like one screenshot…

I’m not dead yet, you guys (although I must admit, the stress IS killing me)…! 😥 There’s just a little more than a week left to this horrific term, so I’ll be back really soon with several weeks’ worth of pending posts, okay? Ugh I can’t wait! Wish me luck! 😆