Hair and Makeup Stint for Tricia Castillo (31/03/2014)

I started a beauty blog because of my love of hoarding makeup and cosmetics in addition to experimenting with them on my own face—I had no formal background on makeup education (I still don’t), and I felt like even though I may have the skills to do makeup, I had yet to earn the right to do makeup on other people and charge them for it (I still do).

Fortunately, someone thought otherwise and I was given the opportunity to do hair and makeup for a graduation ball occasion! I kind of failed miserably with the eyeliner (at first it was okay, but the client blinked and we didn’t have the time to erase the eyeliner and redo it, so she requested that I just thicken the eyeliner overall), but I think the rest of the makeup seemed fine (the lips could have been better though, had I used an exfoliant on it prior to applying lip color).

Check out the photos below! 🙂

Tricia Castillo: before and after. I really wish we had the time to redo her eyeliner! I feel like the whole look could have been at least ten times prettier if the eyeliner was on point…

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Meet Toffee

I didn’t really shoot this photo to post on my blog—I was merely transferring my countless practice shots from a few days ago along with the photos I took for my two upcoming posts, when this particular photo caught my eye. Clearly I need more practice with taking photos and familiarizing myself with my camera’s controls, though! I’ve been finding this photography thing quite challenging, to be honest, and I never really thought I would. Maybe because I had never bothered manually adjusting the settings on all of the other cameras I’ve operated before, which all also happened to be point-and-shoot cameras? Regardless, words cannot express how much more respect I have for professional photographers now! You guys do wonders!


(click the photo for the full resolution)
Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Focal length: 17.479mm
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec
Aperture: F5.0
ISO: 1600

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