So who exactly is the blog owner?

For starters, my name is Erika de Jesus, and here’s the very concise yet accurate “about me” blurb I use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and pretty much every other online social networking domain I’m is presently active on.

20, Lasallian, tech geek, shutterbug, adventurer, bookworm, coffee addict, foodie, dog lover, shopaholic, makeup junkie, beauty blogger wannabe.”

I’m relatively new at beauty blogging, so don’t be surprised if I suddenly blog about things other than makeup every once in a while (specifically fashion, travel, and personal-related posts). Besides, what is being twenty-something without going through a quarter-life crisis? 🙄


Since this site is (mostly) a “makeup and beauty blog,” here are some details regarding my skin tone, skin type, and etc. You know, just for reference’s sake.

AGE: 20
EYE COLOR: dark brown
HAIR COLOR: natural dark brown dyed to medium ash blonde (sometimes it looks ashy with subtle green tones, sometimes it’s a bit of a light brown—always depends on how the light hits it!)
HAIR TYPE: natural straight
HAIR TEXTURE: mostly smooth (coarse on some spots), dry (mostly just the ends), thick, dyed
SKIN TONE: light plus to medium plus (NC20 to NC30 for MAC shades)
SKIN TYPE: usually very oily, and unfortunately very prone to pimples

First and foremost, in case you’re curious about the site title, it was named “Erika’s Secret Closet” because the blogging idea is a brainchild from the time I was renovating my extra bedroom into my makeshift two-in-one walk-in closet and dressing room. I kept the idea under wraps for quite some time since I wasn’t sure if I’d be up to it at first (but here I am now, anyway).

I’m no makeup artist or expert but I’d like to believe that with Erika’s Secret Closet, my extensive makeup collection could be put to even better use by not just using them, but also blogging about my reviews of them and helping my fellow makeup junkies with which makeup brand to buy… besides, how else will I rationalize my impulsive rushes to makeup boutiques to purchase new releases on their very first day of selling? 😆

So—if there’s a certain product you want to be reviewed, please feel free to send me a product review request! Who knows, I might actually have the item you’re wondering about just lying around on my vanity desk (and if it’s an in-demand product that’s so difficult to get hold of, and/or a new product that’s yet to be released in the Philippines, I might even have contacts I can purchase them from). 😉


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