Guerlain Crazy Paris Eyeshadow Palette: Pictures, Swatches, and Reviews

If you can recall from around two months ago, I posted a photo of my Guerlain and MAC haul, which mostly contained items from Guerlain’s Crazy Paris Holiday 2013 collection. I never really got to doing reviews on the individual items from there (and of the rest of my makeup supposedly within the scope of my Holiday Haul 2013 blog segment), but it’s better late than never, isn’t it? 🙂

To kick off the continuation of the much-delayed blog segment, here’s a review post on the Guerlain Crazy Paris Eyeshadow Palette followed by an EOTD I did with it from a couple months back!

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with minimal post-processing on Pixelmator

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Axe Gold Launch Party at Republiq Club (14/05/2014)

Axe Gold Launch Party at Republiq

Last week Wednesday, I went to Republiq Club at Resorts World Manila for the Axe Gold launch party. Everyone had a can of Axe Gold on their tables so we all got our chance to get a whiff of the lovely fragrance, and boy did it smell good! It sure lived up to its tagline, you know? It had that touch of sophistication—something I’m sure the ladies would adore. 😉

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EOTD: Urban Decay Naked 1 (23/02/2014)

It was a Sunday night and I was bored out of my mind. What better way was there to cope than to practice my eyeshadow skills (okay I was kidding, there were better things to do but I wanted to play with my makeup more)? 😆

Taken with the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS with minimal post-processing on Pixelmator

I could’ve done my eyelashes better, but I was on my way out and I was being rushed to go. Oops!

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EOTD: Urban Decay Naked Basics and Urban Decay Naked 2 (28/01/2014)

I had been planning to post about this since the day I did it (because damn, I really needed to redeem myself after that “panda eye look” fiasco last New Year’s Eve), but as usual I never really found the time to edit photos and make a post… I just so happen to have stayed at home today because I’m sick. I swear, if my schedule last term with the first phase of my undergraduate thesis was hectic, my schedule this term with both my on-the-job training/internship and the second phase of my undergraduate thesis is RIDICULOUS (I do enjoy my internship, though—I feel bad that I missed it today). I hardly ever even have the time to hang out with friends anymore! 😦

Anyway, back to my EOTD… one fine Tuesday, my 8-10AM class was an announced free cut and I had so much time on my hands before going to school since my next class wouldn’t be until 1PM. Best task to spend all that time on? Painting on my face, no doubt! 😆

Taken with the iPhone 5 Back Camera with minor post-processing on Pixelmator

It’s a little too much for school I guess, but it’s still suitable for a day look, don’t you think?

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New Year 2014: OOTN and Others

Here’s the “personal and sentimental New Year 2014 post” I originally intended to publish two days ago, prior to my getting carried away by the photos of my panda look (my best friend came up with that title for my eye makeup faux pas—I retorted that the dark circles of my eyes got so hopelessly dark that I resolved to shade my entire eye sockets with dark eyeshadow instead LOL we’re so weird)…

Before I start boring you guys about my thoughts and sentiments for the year 2013 and my hopes and plans for this 2014, let me first begin by showing you my New Year’s Eve outfit!

Green emerald drop earrings from Zalora, chain link necklace in yellow gold from Cotton On, chain link bracelet with logo drop in yellow gold from Michael Kors, Bradshaw 40mm chronograph watch in yellow gold from Michael Kors, dress from Tomato, dress belt in nude from Tomato, and peep-toe Sonia heels in nude from Sugarfree at Taste Central.

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Eye Makeup Faux Pas: What NOT To Do When Creating Smoky Eyes!

Here’s the “next post” I was talking about on my previous blog updates post—this was intended to be just a personal, sentimental type of post filled with photos from our Media Noche (it’s a Filipino tradition where a midnight feast with relatives is held to welcome the New Year), but when I saw the close-up photos of my eye makeup I really couldn’t stop laughing and face-palming… so I thought of doing a post on what you should NOT do when creating smoky eyes to commemorate my mistake! 😆

It’s a good thing I wore that makeup look to just our Media Noche because if I went out on an ordinary night with those eyes, I’d lose all respect for my “supposed” makeup skills! Check out my embarrassing eye makeup faux pas below (I mean, I know this was the very first time I tried to do smoky eyes and it was perfectly okay to commit a mistake and all, but still)…

Taken with the iPhone 5 Back Camera with minor post-processing on Pixelmator

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OOTD: Support Local Brands!

I’m not one to be nationalistic and go preaching “Filipino Pride!” on you all, but if there’s something Filipino that I’m particularly proud of, it’s the local clothing and fashion lines here, including the indie accessory makers. So much of them look really stylish, yet you can get them for barely a fraction of the price of imported clothing brands!

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FOTD: MAC Pink Pearl Pop and NARS Orgasm (25/10/2013)

Greetings from the resurrected! 😆 So, this is my first FOTD  in a really long time because to be honest, I had looked like total crap for the past 2 or 3 weeks (or 4 weeks, even). I was so busy that I hardly had the time to prep up anymore, and during the very few times that I did, I didn’t have the energy (or time, again) to take photos at all. The horror! I never thought thesis would be able to do this to me. 😐

Anyway, the day I took these (2 days ago) was the day of our thesis proposal deadline, and I almost regretted that I did. My group finished the night before (minus the APA references list) and I was lucky enough that my 8AM class was a free cut, but most of the rest of the day was a series of unfortunate events—I forgot my laptop at home and I had to drive all the way back home to get it (good thing I didn’t take a cab that day or else it would’ve been worse) so I ended up being more than an hour late for the meeting with my thesis mates; we crammed the double-checking process of the references list; and lastly, we missed the 4PM deadline by a mere 3-4 minutes and thought we wouldn’t be able to submit anymore. Thank God our thesis coordinator was very considerate! If only I had photos to commemorate our priceless facial expressions before and after the coordinator simply replied a “yeah sure” to our “miss may we still submit?” inquiry. I swear the word “ecstatic” is an understatement to describe the emotions we felt afterwards! 😆

Please click the thumbnails for the larger versions of the photos (links to high-res versions are within the gallery).

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FOTD Flashback: MAC Angel and Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Amused (21/09/2013)

Ever felt so bored that you did a full makeup look for a trip to the grocery store? Yep, I have, and this was one of those days! I have to admit, though… I might have had an ulterior motive for my slightly-more-than-the-usual makeup look, because don’t you just hate it when you go makeup shopping wearing your bare (or extremely minimally made up) face and some of the salesladies who aren’t familiar with you act as if you’re completely clueless about cosmetics? Or worse, when they don’t pay you any attention at all because they feel as if you’re not the type to make a purchase at a makeup boutique anyway? Not that I’m saying all salesladies are as such (I’ve made friends with plenty of salesladies), but it was a discussion topic on Temptalia before and I would really prefer to minimize the chances of getting into a similar encounter because that won’t do my blood pressure any good. 😆

…now, why the sudden tirade about makeup shopping and snooty salesladies if I were just going to the grocery store? Simply because this was the day after my saleslady-friend from MAC Cosmetics sent me an SMS to notify me about the arrival of my much-awaited MAC Retro Matte Fall 2013 collection, and, well, you do the maths lol. Unfortunately, since I’m not a morning person, I was able to go to to MAC in the afternoon despite planning to go in the morning. That left me lacking the “Runway Hit” lipstick and the “Fashion Boost” Pro Longwear lip pencil from my collection, which ultimately sucked (but I was able to get hold of them a few days after, thanks to my other saleslady friends from the other branches of MAC Cosmetics, ha ha!). I’ll make a post on that collection soon BTW, I promise!

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FOTD Flashback: MAC Kinda Sexy and Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed (15/09/2013)

The typical girly girl side of my personality has always been a firm believer in the statement that “a girl can never have too many clothes and shoes,” and since I’ve always thought makeup and fashion go hand in hand, I believe that a girl can never have too many makeup on her vanity desk, as well. The only thing that should be regulated about a lady’s fashion statement is the appropriateness of what they are wearing—you can’t expect not to get judging stares if you wear your bum day outfit and very minimal makeup to a club that requires a dress-to-impress dress code.

The day these photos were taken was one of the very infrequent days I tried to pull off the no-makeup makeup look, because if I remember correctly, I went to church for the first time in a long time on that Sunday. Although I respect everyone’s beliefs regarding how they do their makeup, I personally think my usual bold lip color and blush would not blend well with Church Sundays so I went with the most basic neutral colors. 😆

Please click the thumbnails for the larger versions of the photos (links to high-res versions are within the gallery).

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