Reblog: Marilyn Monroe’s Signature Makeup Routine

When it comes to the topic of the most famous iconic women from the Golden Age of Hollywood, I’ve always preferred Audrey Hepburn over Marilyn Monroe due to a significant number of reasons (most of which are related to their contributions to society and their overall reputation), but when it comes to their makeup? Marilyn Monroe definitely dominates by a landslide. Just look at this video! Not every Hollywood star gets celebrated for their signature makeup look even after more than 50 years past their death. Absolutely no one else can pull off red pouty lips like she does! Hands down to the late Allan “Whitey” Snyder, her amazingly talented makeup artist!

“You don’t just wake up in the morning and wash your face and comb your hair and go out and look like Marilyn Monroe. She knew every trick of the beauty trade.”

— Milton H. Greene

One of the countless reasons why I love makeup. They’re not just cosmetics—they’re mediums of art.

P.S. I’ll make sure to try this video tutorial out for myself someday (hopefully soon).

Thought Catalog

Not everything is about beauty, but some things are, and being a female celebrity is definitely one of them. And while we always knew that Marilyn was primped and polished within an inch of her life before we ever got a glimpse at her, it’s interesting to see just how much of her routine was based on actual optical illusions. (The shadow under the eyelashes seems particularly sneaky.) It’s unlikely that most women we meet throughout the day are adjusting their features even close to the degree that she did, but it’s fascinating to think about just how much of the beauty we see around us is manufactured, or designed for us to perceive it in a certain way.

Even without Photoshop, there is something very powerful about makeup and the way we understand beauty. That little shadow under the lashes may have just been a trick of the trade…

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